Spotlight: Dessa

Q: Our favourite Backyard activity is throwing music festivals; what’s yours?

A: If there is a fire pit in this backyard, I’m buying marshmallows and heading off on a stick-hunt.

Q: If there was a craft beverage brewed in your honour, what flavour would it be?

A: Whiskey.

Q: What is your favourite thing to do or see in Victoria, BC?

A: My experience so far has been limited to performing. If there are regional desserts to learn about, I am all ears (and appetite).

Q: What’s your favourite thing about summer time?

A: My metabolism only has enough horsepower to warm one limb at a time during the colder months, so I’m a big fan of summer. I like the warmth, the fresh fruit, the long days.

Q: Quick Hits: 

Kool Aid, sparkling water, or tequila? Sparkling water

Friday, Saturday, or Sunday? Friday

Beatles, Stones, or Wu-Tang? Beatles

Q: Is it true (or false) that you teach a rap course at a music college?

A: False. (Though I did years ago.)