Spotlight: Louise Burns

Q: Our favourite Backyard activity is throwing music festivals; what’s yours?

A: Drinking rosé and playing 70’s soft rock.

Q: If there was a craft beverage brewed in your honour, what flavour would it be?

A: Elderflower kombucha, or a biodynamic pinot noir.

Q: What is your favourite thing to do or see in Victoria, BC?

A: I’ve been visiting Victoria since I was a child and consider it my second home. I love hiking in East Sooke, Horth Hill, walking along Willow’s Beach, thrifting at Value Village, coffee at Habit, spending my life savings at Ditch Records, seeing my friends, the list goes on.

Q: What’s your favourite thing about summer time?

A: Less depression! 😀

Q: Quick Hits: 

Kool Aid, sparkling water, or tequila? Tequila

Friday, Saturday, or Sunday? Sunday

Beatles, Stones, or Wu-Tang? Beatles

Q: Is it true (or false) that you used to date Zac Hanson?

A: There has never been a more honest, truthful fact in the history of time immemorial.